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My Perspective on Being a Hygienist During COVID-19 & Beyond

What Returning to Work Will Look Like & What Steps we Need to Take to Protect Ourselves

Presented by Tabitha Acret

Dental Professionals particularly Dental hygienists are at the highest risk of exposure to COVID-19 due to how close we come to our patients and the risk of aerosols. As we move to level 2 restrictions this week, we need to consider what returning to work will look like & what steps we need to take to protect ourselves post COVID-19.

Join leading Dental Hygienist, Tabitha Acret, as she discusses:

  • From stage 3 restrictions back to stage 2 restrictions what does this mean for hygienists?
  • How is COVID-19 changing the face of the hygiene department?
  • How can OHTs and hygienists support their practice through restrictions and beyond?
  • Communicating with our patients.
  • Importance of home care during COVID-19 and how to motivate your patient.