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Increasing accuracy and efficiency with the Morita X800

Supporting a passion for dental perfection

How Dr Kao moved his practice forward with the Morita Soaric chair from Henry Schein

Over the last few years, Dr Naoum has seen many indications that there are true benefits to being able to offer patients the radiographic assessment that comes from cone beam imaging.

While attending an Endodontics Conference in Brussels in 2017, Dr Naoum heard a lecture on cone beam technology that convinced him it was time to purchase a unit.

“I approached the speaker immediately after the lecture to get his opinion on brand recommendations in the New Zealand market, and Morita was one of the brands he suggested.”

The Quest for Quality

Image quality was of the utmost importance to Dr Naoum. “Prior to purchasing the cone beam unit, I had been referring patients to other practices, general and specialist practices, for examinations and imaging, and sometimes patients would be referred to our practice with the scan having been done somewhere else. Because of this, I was familiar with most of the brands out there, and it gave me the chance to compare each software.”
Dr Naoum says one of the biggest reasons for his decision was the fact that other brands are not specifically designed for Endodontics.

“I had the chance to see the Morita X800 at the conference in Brussels, and I felt confident with the newer technology especially because it gives me a small field of view – four-by- four field of view, with higher resolution, which is extremely good for Endodontics.”

“Most importantly, I can tell you one of the biggest reasons for buying this machine is the image quality. In my view it is far superior to anything else that I’ve seen. The image clarity is probably the best that I’ve seen.”

Accuracy and Ease-of-Use

Dr Naoum feels the purchase of the Morita X800 has improved the accuracy of his diagnosis, and considerably helped with treatment planning. “Two dimensional imaging has been used increasingly in Endodontics, but there are a lot of advantages of using cone beam imaging, especially when you offer complex root canal treatment for molar teeth and teeth that are difficult to treat. It saves time and it tells us what to look for in very small canal spaces inside the tooth.”
Dr Naoum performs most of the scans using the X800 himself, but all those working in his practice can set it up. “I find it very easy to use, I’m familiar with others out there in the market, but this software is very easy to use and set up.”
While Dr Naoum says the decision to go ahead and get the X800 was not money-driven, it has been worth the investment. “In a purchase like this, you have to know that the machine is going to cover its costs, so there is an advantage to being able to offer this service to patients. It makes the process from diagnosis to treatment more convenient and efficient. In our office – the number of times we have used the machine within the first three years means the machine is really paying for itself.”

Support Through the Sale

Through the purchasing process, Dr Naoum and his team at Endodontic Solutions found the Henry Schein sales team to be helpful and adaptable.

“Initially, we wanted a small field of view, but then we realised we needed to upgrade to a bigger machine, and Henry Schein was great in making this happen. They were very understanding and happy to upgrade while maintaining a reasonable price for the bigger unit.”

He says his practice can be quite demanding, but the technical support has been quite satisfactory. “We work in quite a demanding environment that often means we need answers right away, and the support is there.” Dr Naoum says he endorses the sales team very highly.

“The Henry Schein sales team is fantastic, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

“I know of two other Endodontists in New Zealand that use the older version of this machine, and they both recommended this brand. Personally, I would highly recommend it to other Endodontists over other brands. I’m very satisfied with the image quality, and if I had to choose again, I would still choose this one.”

Dr Hani Naoum

Dr Hani Naoum is a registered dental specialist in the field of Endodontics and Dental Traumatology. After several years practicing general dentistry both in New Zealand and overseas, Dr Naoum developed an interest in the field of Endodontics, leading him to complete a Master of Dental Surgery Degree in Endodontics from the University of Otago. Dr. Naoum worked in a specialist endodontics practice in Australia for three years before returning home to Auckland in 2005 where he established Endodontic Solutions in Quay Park Health.

Dr Naoum has a special interest in biomechanical cleaning and shaping of the root canal space, treating dental trauma and tooth resorption. He has lectured both nationally and internationally and authored several scientific research papers published in international journals.

Supporting a passion for dental perfection

How Dr Kao moved his practice forward with the Morita Soaric chair from Henry Schein

His own practice, Boutique Dental, opened in Christchurch last year and is a testament to Dr Kao’s search for perfection.
“We built the whole building from scratch so that I could have everything exactly where I want,” he says.
“I wanted the rooms to be a very specific size, and the environment to be artsy so I’d be in the mood to do this kind of work. It means there are no compromises.”
“No compromises” is a mantra that underpins Dr Kao’s work. It’s a huge part of why he works almost exclusively under a microscope, using equipment from Henry Schein. “I get a kick out of achieving what seemed impossible,” says Dr Kao.

Dr David Kao

Dr. David Kao obtained his Dental Surgery degree from the University of Otago and upon graduation, he  entered  straight into private practice. Over the

years, Dr. Kao  has  developed   special   interests in microscope enhanced treatments particularly in the fields of aesthetic dentistry and endodontics. He recognises the impact of enhanced vision in dentistry and is committed to redefining precision in modern dentistry.

Dr. Kao has completed numerous postgraduate training in advanced endodontics, composite resin artistry, minimally invasive ceramic restorations, oral surgery and facial aesthetics. He is an active member of ITI (International Team for Implantology) gIDE and NZDA (New Zealand Dental Association).

Comfort and Technology

As far as Dr Kao is concerned, true excellence in dental equipment has to go beyond advanced technology – it must consider the human side too. That’s an enormous part of why he chose the Morita Soaric. Dr Kao explains that it allows for a high level of comfort during his unusually long appointments. An appointment for even a simple composite restoration routinely takes over an hour in Dr Kao’s practice.

“Ergonomics are very important. Throughout the years I’ve used other chairs which haven’t always been an enjoyable experience, you lose patience,” says Dr Kao. “To stay comfortable during a mundane task, you have to enjoy using the equipment.”

Dr Kao says the Morita Soaric’s high quality technology produces less vibration, and its equipment feels better in the hand. The perfect balance of the instruments also makes them easier to control. “That better balance lets you produce far more detailed work,” says Dr Kao.

Under The Scope

Dr Kao went the extra mile to find a chair that could meet his exacting standards, even travelling to Japan to visit the Morita factory. He wanted to see the workmanship behind the chair first hand.

Needless to say, he was impressed:

“It’s bespoke. The customisability of it is far better than anything else. Everything is handmade – it’s the Rolls-Royce of chairs.”

While most younger dentists are now trained to use the 2-3 times magnification of dental loupes, Dr Kao’s scope gives him 20-30 times magnification. That, he says, is the key to his incredibly detailed work and his 10-year guarantee on restorations.

“Every step has to be perfect for something to last,” says Dr Kao. “If one part isn’t done right, you can’t expect your restoration to last as long. “Under magnification you can be 100 times more precise. Without it, you can do something that’s acceptable, but we can achieve something that’s far beyond that standard.”

A microscope built right into his chair was therefore a must- have – the Morita Soaric was the only one of a couple on the market that could be customised to allow for that. On top of the integrated microscope, Dr Kao also had his curing light built into his chair – on the doctor’s side.

“I know where the composite is and which angle to cure it on,” he explains.


Perfection Through Technology

Using his new equipment from Henry Schein, Dr Kao can offer his patients restorative work that both looks better and increases the integrity of the tooth’s structure. He points to veneers as an example. Under the microscope, he can layer microscopic features that make a tooth look natural.

“It’s the layering that makes the tooth interact with the light, especially under sunlight, and that’s what gives the tooth natural characteristics,” he explains. “I recognise my own work
– it just looks aesthetically different.”

“It’s about precision – I can achieve precision of fit to less than 30 microns. The veneers just fit better, so you’re less likely to end up with stained margins,” he says.
The precision he can achieve on his ergonomic chair and under the microscope means the work lasts.


Fabulous Sales and Support

Choosing equipment from Henry Schein was made easier thanks to Dr Kao’s Equipment Sales Specialist, Edward Harrison, who he thought was “fabulous.”

“He’s a very genuine person,” Dr Kao explains. “Rather than just pushing sales and looking to maximise profit, he really tries to understand my practice and make suggestions based on what’s most beneficial for me. I trust him a lot.”

The training and after-sales support he received was also excellent.

“I’ve been studying the Morita chair for years, so I didn’t need much training, but they still offered really good support,” he says. “It’s tremendous – they took their time to ensure I knew how to operate everything.”

The Future in Technology

With the technology he needs at his fingertips, Dr Kao’s fledgling practice is going from strength to strength – other dentists have begun referring patients to him for more difficult cases, especially when visualisation is a problem.

“You can really only treat what your eyes can see – without proper vision it’s merely guesswork,” says Dr Kao.

His equipment from Henry Schein takes that guesswork away – and he’d like to help other dentists move their practice forward too.

“I’m planning on eventually running courses for other dentists, teaching them how to take time and produce higher quality work under microscopes,” he says.

He sees the latest technology as a key part of pushing dentistry into new realms.

“If you want to push the limits, you have to have help from the latest equipment,” says Dr Kao.