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Episode_10 3D Printing Recipes for Success (002)

Episode 10 – 3D Printing – Recipes for Success

Do you Want to Introduce 3D Printing into your Practice but Don’t Know How?

Presented by Dr Kasen Somana

Learn the fundamental ingredients of this cutting-edge technology as well as a recipe for practical and successful integration. Learn how 3D printing is pushing the boundaries of digital dentistry and revolutionising the dental industry.

We’re living in an increasingly digital world. Dentistry is going through a digital change as well, and Dentists are now at a point in time when we can either resist that change and be left behind, or we can begin exploring the new options that digital dentistry offers us and our patients. But how do we make a start? In this episode of ScheinTV, Dr Kasen Somana and Dr Peter Norton will talk us through how we can get involved in these exciting technologies.