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3D Printed Night Guards with KeySplint Soft Resin

The Game Changer for Labs, Clinicians and Patients

Jamie Stover, CDT

Our industry has seen many advancements in technology and materials that bring efficiency to production methods and improve the level of patient care, but rarely does material development and cutting-edge hardware/software meet perfectly at the intersection of patient needs and the unique demands the industry is facing to truly be a transformative force. In this article the author will outline the benefits of Keystone’s KeySplint Soft resin for 3D printed fabrication of night guards and splints, including the production benefits and economic impact for labs, and the benefits for clinicians and patients compared to traditional processed acrylic and thermoformed prostheses. Technical material data and workflow will be covered, along with information and insight from industry executives and lab owners/operators who have transformed their businesses with this exciting new application.